A customized experience in the turkey woods

Taking on new terrain in a new state in pursuit of my first turkey called for a special gun. The Savage Arms Accufit system was enough to draw me to the Savage Model 220 bolt-action Turkey shotgun. The Accufit system is a series of comb inserts and length of pull spacers that allow the user to create a true custom fit experience. Comb height can be controlled by five different inserts in 1/8-inch increments, while the length-of-pull adjustment includes four inserts in ¼-inch increments. As a petite woman tired of turning to youth guns for the best fit, I was thrilled to try the Accufit system. However, the customizations don’t stop there. This gun also comes fitted with a user-adjustable AccuTrigger. This system allows for a shooter created clean pull and adds an additional level of safety. All of these adjustments can be made quickly and easily with a Phillip’s-head screwdriver. 

While I typically don’t reach for a bolt-action firearm, there was something very satisfying about working the bolt. It was simple to operate with gloved hands, and the firm click of the bolt added to my adrenaline rush. The detachable box magazine made things quick and easy when I was ready to load. The weight of the gun was manageable at 7.5 pounds and didn’t feel restrictive as I hiked, crouched and crawled across Texas. After two days of toting the Savage Model 220 bolt-action Turkey shotgun around, I got the chance to pull the AccuTrigger and put a Rio on the ground.

The customization capability of this firearm is unparalleled. The flexibility in fit is ideal for a young person looking for a gun to grow with, or anyone who doesn’t fit the “standard” mold. Take advantage of this opportunity to customize your turkey gun before heading out this fall.

– Catelyn Folkert

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