The All-Year Guide to Turkey Hunting Gear

Turkey hunters, just because it's not spring doesn't mean you have to hang up your vest until next season. Instead, consider using some of your turkey hunting gear for other hunting seasons throughout the year. Here are some helpful tips and suggestions to maximize your accessories and find the products you can take advantage of year-round, not just in the spring and fall.

Shotgun, Sights and Choke Tubes

By easily changing your shot size, you can continue using your shotgun all year long for other game animals. However, if you don't plan on using the same shotgun for other hunts, be sure to properly clean and store your firearm so it's ready for the next turkey hunting season.

When sighting in your gun for turkey season, you'll likely put your turkey shot through a handful of choke tubes before you find the right pattern for your gun. Those extra choke tubes don't need to be discarded or lost, they can be used for other game animals on other shotguns. Consider using them when hunting duck, grouse or rabbit — just make sure that your shot pattern is wide (or narrow) enough for the game you're hunting. Your sight is another piece of versatile gear that can be transferred from gun to gun and, in turn, be used all year long.


Mouth calls, friction calls and box calls are all used during turkey season, but they also can be used while hunting other game. Use your turkey calls in the off season to not only attract predators, like coyotes, but also to practice and perfect your calling for next turkey season. If your calling skills are lacking, reference our Wild Turkey Basics - Sounds page or a hunting call app, which comes equipped with multiple sounds for prey and predators. If state laws allow electronic calls, having a call app can provide numerous year-long uses on a device you surely woudln't leave home without. 

Apparel & Boots

The camouflage you wear out in the field is your number one defense against being seen by prey of any kind, so make sure you pick camo that works with the landscape in which you hunt. It's even better if you can find a camo that will transition with you throughout the seasons as the temperature changes. If you can use your camouflage and other pieces of apparel in various climates, temperatures and regions, then you can hunt with the same gear all year long. From your gloves and face mask to boots and socks, make sure your gear works with you, not against you when you're out in the field.

When it comes to boots, you'll want a pair that has reliable tread, is resistant to water and excels at keeping your feet dry and warm, a must-have for any hunting season. Use your boots, and vest, during other seasons. They will both come in handy while on hunts for waterfowl or big game. 

Your turkey hunting gear can (and will) be used to bag a big turkey this season, but don't forget to maximize it's use on other hunts throughout the year, as well. 

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