Ask Now: 4 Tips to Get Permission

The first step to success in the woods is to have a place to hunt. As simple as it may seem, if you don’t own property to hunt on, getting permission to hunt on someone else’s land is a big deal. Since public lands are not always an option, knowing how and when to ask for permission to hunt on private land is quite important.

Here are some practical ways to improve your chances of getting access to prime hunting lands.

  1. Offer your assistance to the landowner –  Many private land owners are farmers, and you may find that your odds of hunting the area increase if you offer your assistance with daily work in exchange for hunting rights. You can offer to help with the work around the farm or simply offer to weed eat or mow the property. Working on the land can help you get to know the landscape and find the perfect setup.
  2. Clearly explain your ethics and goals – Some private landowners have had bad experiences with hunters being careless on their property, so they may be reluctant to give you hunting rights. When you pursue permission to hunt private lands, be sure to explain your ethical ways of hunting and what you hope to pursue on the land. Be as clear as possible to tell when and where you’d like to hunt.
  3. Explore land management possibilities – Landowners appreciate hunters who are good stewards of their land. Food plots and mineral licks can help keep deer out of gardens and fields if they are placed in remote areas. If you have hopes of creating food plots or you have other ideas to improve the land, explain this as it may prove to be the ticket for landing permission to hunt.
  4. Invite the landowner to go along – As you ask for permission; don’t forget that the landowner may like to hunt as well. Be sure to invite them to go into the field with you and share the experience. You can build a lasting relationship and also learn valuable information about the landscape that may help you harvest your dream.

Don’t procrastinate and let someone else stake their claim on the land that you’ve got your eyes set on. Ask now and you’ll be one step closer to a successful harvest. 

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