Avian-X GBGH Party Pack

Just in time for countless April 1 openings of spring turkey seasons across the country, the National Wild Turkey Federation and Avian-X Decoys are partnering to bring turkey hunters the GBGH (Go Big or Go Home) party pack of decoys. With an MSRP of just $3,500, the GBGH flock of fakes is a steal for hardcore hunters.

This spread of more than 30 decoys includes half-strut and quarter-strut jakes, feeders, breeders, laydown hens and more! Total weight is just over 100 pounds, guaranteeing you’ll get your exercise in, too. Estimated setup time is about 20 minutes, so get there early.

Thanks to the GBGH series, hunters will no longer struggle to answer difficult questions  like “which decoy setup will lure that tom away from his flock?” or “what is the best combination of jakes and hens?” or ”how many decoys best imitate birds in their ‘natural’ setting?”

Simply set up ALL the decoys, and let the poultry party begin.

* Disclaimer: Total weight of decoys is an estimation, and back problems may occur if you carry them all at once. Results vary; gobblers will likely run the other way if they are not the most dominant bird in a 500-mile radius.  

Although this may be the spread of your dreams, you’ll have to keep dreaming this season. Happy April Fool’s Day!

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