Beast Feast: The Wild Game Buffet

As hunters, one of the most enjoyable aspects of our spring and fall pursuits is sharing the harvest with friends and family.

We relive the story of the hunt with those around us, and for individuals on the fence about hunting, properly prepared wild game can give them the push they need to either give hunting a try or at least not be opposed to the practice.

So before the summer is over and you start adding new game meat to your freezer this fall, have a “beast feast” and treat family and friends to a buffet featuring different types of wild game.

Jalapeno Poppers — This might be one of the easiest recipes you can make with wild game. It is great with wild turkey, dove, duck, goose, quail or even cubed venison.
*Check out the recipe for buffalo turkey dip at the bottom of the link!

Burgers — They are an easy but tasty option. Downsize your patties into slider-size portions so your guests can sample as many different types of ground wild game as possible. Try another version here.

BBQ Sandwiches — Use slow-cooked turkey breasts, or even wild hog if you have it, to offer up a second type of sandwich.

Brats — Are you feeling adventurous and have the equipment to throw them together? This recipe also can work with deer or wild hog and is great sliced and served with toothpicks.

Nuggets — This option for wild turkey is sure to please even those who may be reluctant to explore other game options. Fire up the fryer and make sure to have a variety of dipping sauces on the side.

Kabobs — Venison and wild turkey work great for these recipes. Simply fill some skewers with the marinated game meat chunks, a variety of veggies or even pineapple, and let the grill do the rest.

To see more wild turkey recipes, make sure to visit our “After the Hunt” section of the website!

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