Become a Bed-and-Breakfast-Gobbler Hunter

Most hunters rise and shine in darkness and hit the woods before the cacophony of birdsong erupts. Working men and women take advantage of their before work hunts, but for those retired folks, or others on vacation, it is time to try a new strategy and become a new kind of hunter, here’s how.

There are two key components to becoming a bed-and-breakfast gobbler hunter:

  1. Relax and sleep in.
  2. Eat a good breakfast

It is important to get a good night’s sleep and wake only when the sunlight is beaming through the blinds. Enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee and a full breakfast. Doing both of these tasks will help you stay alert so that you can sit patiently through a late-morning hunt.

After indulging in bed-and-breakfast activities, start the new routine:

  1. Around nine in the morning, arrive at your hunting location and head out into the turkey woods. By this time, the workforce hunters have already left
  2. Mix up your calling techniques, try being aggressive and then other times call sporadically using mouth calls, slates and boxes
  3. Stay put if a gobbler responds to your calls, and stay focused if a bird doesn’t answer, the bird of your dreams may be sneaking in
  4. Stop a longbeard with the load of your shot if given the opportunity
  5. Return home around one o’clock if several setups are unsuccessful
  6. Eat a good lunch and hunt again from 1 until 5 p.m.
  7. Head in for dinner
  8. Return to the woods if you’ve worked a tough bird early that day
  9. Hit the hay, and repeat all steps again if your tag remains slit-free.

Becoming a bed-and-breakfast hunter gives others a chance to have their early-morning hunt and gives you the opportunity to claim the woods and its troops of lonely gobblers for the majority of the day.

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