Box Call Maintenance

A good box call is one of the most costly calls to buy, but proper care in the field and maintenance will turn that crafted piece of wood into a loyal companion in the turkey woods for many years.

When maintaining your call, the first thing to remember is to keep the call's surfaces clean and do not ever use sandpaper on it. Sandpaper can change the tone of your call.

It's also important to handle your box call carefully. Keep your fingers off the striking surfaces: the edges of the box and the underside of the lid. Skin contains natural oils, which can affect the sound and life of your call. Make sure to use only chalks, such as box call, teacher's or carpenter's chalk. Stay away from chalks with an oil or sugar base.

Only use chalk on the underside of the lid. The beveled edges of the call are important in its design, and use of chalk on the edges can wear them down.

Make sure you blow out the sound chamber of your box call from time to time. This will get rid of any chalk dust that might have settled.

Storing your box call is simple. If you don't have a holster, store your box call in a large, plastic bag. This will keep moisture from getting to the call.

By following these simple tips, your box call may become a collector's item some day.

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