Call for Christmas

Turkey calls are perfect stocking stuffers. Some require air activation; others, friction. Some are highly affordable, and even many well-crafted custom calls fall within personal budgets. A call given as a gift is special.

Custom Mill Shop

Shopping for a personalized call? Primos Hunting recently launched its online Custom Mill Shop, letting hunters — or family and friends — order custom, personalized high-performance box calls directly from Mississippi. Design a customized high-grade version of the original Primos Heart Breaker box call in just a few clicks. Select a maple or cherry lid, choose patterns and laser-etched hunting scenes, and add custom inscriptions and messages. According to the company, orders ship within 15 business days.

Wicked Series Pot Calls

Built from impregnated wood, the Zink Calls Wicked Series pot blends acrylic into a Brazilian cherry pan for reliable sound quality inside a weatherproof design. Surfaces include slate and crystal. On the backside, the integrated striker conditioner simplifies fine-tuning in the field. The no-slip grip offers a dependable hold. Bonus items: a one-piece flared striker, a conditioning pad and an instructional DVD with every call.

Foggy Bottom Snuff Tube

Want something different? Some history: Old-school snuff cans — even empty 35mm film canisters and pill bottles — have long been fitted with latex for calling turkeys. Primos Hunting reintroduced an upgraded Snuff Tube in Mossy Oak Original Bottomland this year. Unlike stretched latex requiring replacement from use, this call has a molded slip-free reed for a perfect camo-tube fit. A versatile call, it’s great for locating and pulling in spring gobblers with clucks, cutting, high-pitched yelping and even gobbling. It’ll even make a sweet kee-kee-run.

Zink Calls Pro Pak

Ohio’s Josh Grossenbacher. Pennsylvania’s Matt Morrett and Hunter Wallis. These Zink calling pros and hardcore turkey hunters each designed a signature-series triple-reed diaphragm for this three-pack. Grossenbacher’s is a V-notch combo cut, Morrett’s, a snake-tongue cut and Wallis’ a W-cut batwing. Instructional DVD included.

Midwest Turkey Call Supply

If you’re like me, the Midwest Turkey Call Supply’s print catalog arrival by mail triggers thoughts of next turkey season. The most recent edition, Vol. 34, is 86 pages. Inside, you’ll find call makers and call manufacturers, plus an array of gear, apparel, DVDs and books to satisfy any turkey hunter. For convenience, you can also order online.

Give Thanks

Whether you give or receive a turkey call this Christmas season, give thanks for family, friends, turkey seasons gone by and hunt plans to come. It won’t be long before we’re getting together at the 44th annual NWTF Convention and Sport Show in Nashville, where many manufacturer calls and the work of custom call makers will be on display. And it’s the perfect opportunity to pick up a gift call to go with next year’s stocking stuffers. 

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