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Archery hunting isn’t an easy sport to begin with, but it gets even more difficult when turkeys are the targeted prey. Turkeys have a keen eyesight, and their hearing is impeccable. To top it off, turkeys are a smaller game animal, at least in comparison to white-tailed deer, and require hunters to have pinpoint accuracy if they hope for a quick kill.

So step up your game, and look to Bloodsport Archery to get set up for bowhunting turkeys.

Prosecutor and Justice arrows

Smaller diameter arrows have become more popular in recent years due to increased penetration and better accuracy, especially when shooting in windy conditions. While arrow penetration isn’t a huge benefit for bow hunting turkeys, as most bowhunting shots on turkeys result in a pass-through, increased accuracy is huge. A turkey’s vitals – heart, lungs and liver combined – are about the size of your fist, so there isn’t much room for error. In addition, the Prosecutor and Justice lines, and several other Bloodsport lines of arrows, have the Blood Ring technology. Essentially, it is a swatch of white on the shaft of the arrow giving hunters an indication of how well they hit their target.

Gravedigger and Nitefall hybrid broadheads

Bowhunters are constantly bickering about which is the better choice of broadhead: fixed or mechanical. But, with Bloodsport’s Gravedigger Extreme and Nitefall hybrid broadheads, you get the dependability of fixed heads married with large cutting diameters and quick tuning of mechanical broadheads, resulting in a perfect broadhead for taking lethal body shots on turkeys.

The Gravedigger Extreme provides a 1.25-inch cutting diameter with its fixed blade and a massive 2.25-inch cut from its mechanical blades. The Nitefall isn’t far behind with a 1-inch fixed cut and a 2-inch mechanical blade cutting diameter. With large cutting diameters, both broadheads will help ensure a quick and ethical kill on your turkey, even providing an increased chance of recovery on slightly errant shots.

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