Christmas Gift Ideas for Turkey Callers

Are you playing Santa for someone who loves to yelp? Here’s something for the expert, the novice and everyone in between.

Personalized Turkey Calls

There are so many talented custom call makers, you can throw a dart blindfolded and come away with a winner. Check out the calls from the 2021 NWTF Grand Nationals Callmaking Competition, pick one you like and contact the artist to inquire about a personalized call. One name not in the 2021 contest is Timothy Oldham Jr., a past champion who gives a glimpse into the process.

“At the start, I request project details,” he said, “plus contact information and especially high-resolution reference photos.”

That helps the award-winning call maker zero in on what you have in mind. He talks to folks directly on the phone, which ensures all details are in place and questions are answered before starting.

“Project cost includes several factors,” he said. “The artwork requested and the amount of detail in the call results in a special price for the particular buyer — a call to be enjoyed for years and passed down as a family heirloom.”

You can find Oldham and many others on social media channels. Search the list of Grand National custom calls here: 

Rolling Thunder Game Calls

Personalized in another way, award-winning competition caller Josh Grossenbacher also builds every Rolling Thunder Game Calls mouth diaphragm by hand.

“My mouth call collection includes three favorites: the three-reed combo cut, three-reed ghost cut and two-reed combo cut,” he said. He builds other options, too.

Check out Rolling Thunder Game Calls for his go-to diaphragms, plus others, including friction calls:

Gift Them a Wingbone Call

A wingbone yelper made from a turkey killed by a buddy, especially from a hunt you shared, is especially satisfying.

You can choose to make the yelper yourself, or find an established call maker to build the call. Go here to finish your gift project:

Other Ideas

Bring them into the flock by supplying them with an NWTF membership. Book them a turkey hunt (see *Turkey Call’s* “Buy, Sell and Exchange” pages) or offer to take them afield next spring. Or maybe all three.

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