Turkeys love to eat it; you might like to drink it

“What is Chufa,” you may ask? Chufa (Chew-fa) is one of the most popular crops planted for wild turkeys. It grows 1-3 feet tall and produces up to 150 fingernail-sized tubers just below the soil’s surface. These tubers are relished by wild turkeys, ducks and other wildlife. Turkeys scratch the tubers out of the ground, throughout the fall, winter and spring. Simply put, once turkeys find it, they do not leave as long as there are tubers available.

However, this versatile crop isn’t just delicious for turkeys; it can produce what some call tiger nut milk, used in the popular drink horchata.  

An NWTF staff member recently came across a cocktail blog which highlights the many ways you can use your chufa as a drink, with or without alcohol. Jason chose the Valencia horchata recipe and said it was delicious.

So, maybe you have some chufa left over from wildlife management on your property or a hunting lease, or maybe you just want to try a delicious, cold beverage as the weather starts to warm up. At any rate, give this simple recipe a try or explore other ways to utilize your leftover chufa.

Visit: https://trufflesontherocks.com/playing-with-horchata/

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