Compact Pots Make Big Noises

These small pot calls slip easily in pockets and produce sharp sounds

Standard pot calls measure 3 ½ inches or more, compared to compact calls which have a calling surface diameter of 3 inches or less. These smaller pots can produce higher tones because there is less surface area to vibrate.

Compact pot calls can produce soft tree yelps, clucks, cuts and purrs, as well as loud and excited shrill sounds. They’re also perfect for imitating the urgent kee-kees of a young, high-voiced turkey.

The smaller pots are more comfortable to hold when scratching out turkey sounds, especially in the smaller hands of a young hunter. Put one in your pocket today!

Try these small calls that produce big sound:

  • Li’l Deuce pot call (Hunter’s Specialties)
  • Small Ring Zone pot call (Hunter’s Specialties)
  • The Legacy Slate or Glass calls (Hunter’s Specialties)
  • Sweet Hen (Knight & Hale’s)
  • Sonic Dome Crustal (Primos Hunting)
  • Lil’ Jack (Primos Hunting)
  • Mystic Greenite Lil’ Giant (Woods Wise Products)

A compact pot will allow you to achieve unique, sharp sounds with strikers made of softer woods. These combinations add variety to your calling, increasing your odds of striking the right chord with nearby gobblers.

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