Tenzing Hangtime Day Pack Review

Whether you are ready for it or not, summer is waning and fall hunting seasons are nearly upon us. In just a few short weeks, some hunters will be hitting the trees for the onset of deer season. So, if you haven’t started evaluating your equipment for the fall, now is the time to do it.

Though it’s getting a bit late in the game to be making a change to bow or gun, key hunting gear like packs are an easy upgrade if the right product comes along.

For this reason, we recently tested out Tenzing’s new-for-2020 Hangtime packs. Between the lumbar and day-pack versions, the folks at Tenzing are trying to provide packing solutions for a variety of whitetail hunters.

Listed at 1,600 cubic inches of total space, the Hangtime Day Pack is probably suited best to the hunter that likes to sit all day or the hunter that likes to pack extra gear and get farther off the beaten path. The Hangtime’s rigid EVA-molded exterior holds its shape regardless of hanging in a tree stand or sitting upright in a ground blind. And, it caters to both gun and bow hunters with its fold-out cam or gun stock harness.

While the interior compartment’s capacity is listed at a mere 750 cubic inches (less than half of total space), it appears much more spacious and substantial enough to carry out a quarter in a pinch. Just to test how it would pack heavier loads, I took it out for a quick 3-mile hike loaded down with more than 40 pounds of weights. The stitching on the shoulder straps held up just fine, as I figured it would, and the molded exterior still held its shape.

The Good: As a bowhunter, I am not one for filling the pockets of my safety harness with gear while hunting, and I also hate digging through my pack to find things I use most often. Both these issues are solved by my favorite aspect of this pack — the easy-to-organize compartments that are forward facing when hanging up in a tree. There are specific pouches for binoculars, calls and a rangefinder, and the external MOLLE attachment points allow for further customization of the pack. Access to the main compartment also is offered from the front of the pack.

The Bad: The rigid nature of the pack seemed to make the larger zippers on the fold-down compartments a little tough to open, and the same was true for the cellphone pocket that is oddly placed on the inside-facing side of the pack. But, I assume that difficulty will ease with time. Also, I am not sure there is a need for the utility box in the bottom of the pack as it would likely rattle if loaded with extra broadheads or other gear. But the bottom compartment makes for great storage of items that won’t often need to be accessed, like light rain gear.

Conclusion: Though most of the features of the Hangtime Day Pack seem suited specifically for bowhunters, gun hunters also capitalize on the pack’s numerous features. It’s a spacious and comfortably fitting daypack that provides customization options as well as pockets designed for much of the gear all deer hunters carry.

Learn more about the Hangtime Day Pack at https://www.tenzingoutdoors.com/shop/day-packs/hangtime-day-pack

Hangtime Lumbar Pack

Tenzing’s Hangtime Lumbar Pack offers a slightly smaller option for the minimalist hunter. The Hangtime Lumbar Pack has the same rigid shell with spacious compartments as the Hangtime Day Pack but with a total of 750 cubic inches, opposed to the Day Pack’s 1,600. The Lumbar Pack nearly mirrors the Day Pack in functionality and in design; it is just smaller and cheaper: Day Pack MSRP $199.99; Lumbar Pack MSRP $149.99.

Learn more about the Hangtime Lumbar Pack at https://www.tenzingoutdoors.com/shop/day-packs/hangtime-lumbar-pack

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