Digital Scouting for a Successful Turkey Hunt

What’s better than receiving a free year of HuntStand Pro? Receiving a free year AND getting a professional how-to tutorial on how to optimize all the app’s features for turkey hunting. Guests at the NWTF 46th annual Convention and Sport Show got both. 

As a thank you for attending the convention and sport show, HuntStand is providing guests the opportunity to sign up for a year-long subscription to the company’s pro service for no charge (look out for an email with the registration link if you attended).  

HuntStand representative Josh Dahlke gave a seminar to a room full of turkey hunters that highlighted how to best utilize all the app’s capabilities to better ensure you get to put some turkey meat in the freezer this spring. 

Nothing replaces boots on the ground scouting, Dahlke emphasized. However, integrating the app’s property info, weather data, up-to-date satellite imagery and a myriad of other capabilities will undoubtedly increase your odds. 

For those that are unfamiliar, HuntStand is a map-based platform with mobile and desktop apps, which offer a variety of map layers and mapping tools that are especially useful to hunters, including 3-D mapping, detailed weather information, property boundaries and information and even lunar cycles, among much more. 

Every turkey hunter knows that if you want to find birds, property with water, food sources and mature trees are your best bet. Dahlke illustrated how you can scout land areas for all the above from the convenience of your cell phone and strategize you spring hunt long before the spring thaw. 

The app allows you to easily mark these areas on the platform, allowing you to hunt new and unpressured areas. 

Another good point Dahlke made was using the app to locate and utilize the best access points on the land you’re hunting. Once you mark these locations, you can easily share with friends and family to map out a safe and effective hunting strategy. 

The 3-D maps illustrate topography allowing users to analyze how turkeys are more than likely using the land based on the different habitat types. 

Once your pre-scouting is complete, it’s time to do some low-impact scouting, and the app has a suite of tools to allow the user to catalog and mark what type of sign was found (tracks, droppings, roosting sites, etc.) and categorize it by game species. 

The amount of capabilities HuntStand Pro offers its user seems limitless, and those leaving Dalhke’s seminar are surely better equipped for the spring woods.  

Dahlke went on to share his morning, mid-day and evening tactics for using the app, which were well-received by the audience. While everyone has different strategies, Dahlke illustrated how his method has worked consistently year after year and was kind enough to share his tips.

The HuntStand representative is an avid outdoorsman who’s been turkey hunting for 20 years and has completed every slam except his Super Slam, which he is currently pursuing.  
Did you miss out on the NWTF convention and sport show? Don’t worry! HuntStand offers its pro service for only $29.99 for a whole year. You can sign up here: 

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