Easton Corbin Interview

Earlier this turkey season, while filming an Osceola Hunt in Florida, we got a chance to sit down with country music artist Easton Corbin to learn more about his love for the outdoors.

NWTF: Who taught you to hunt, and at what age did you get started in hunting?

Easton Corbin: I started as a kid hunting with my uncle Rick a little bit. I didn’t get to hunt as much as I would have liked just because my dad didn’t really hunt much and neither did my grandpa. But, uncle Rick definitely introduced me to hunting and especially bow hunting.

NWTF: Was your love of country music also started at an early age?

EC: Yes, I have always loved music. My grandpa has always been kind of a singer, and my dad always loved music. So a love of music was nurtured in me at an early age, and I gravitated toward it because of my upbringing.

NWTF: Do you see any similarities between our country music heritage and our hunting heritage?

EC: I think so. It all is about how you are raised and definitely who you are influenced by. I love traditional country music and the values it entails. And, I think a lot of country living also goes hand-in-hand with our hunting heritage.

NWTF: Does your love of hunting ever surface in your music?

EC: I think a lot of it does inspire things, but not just hunting stories. I grew up on a small cattle farm and that way of life, that rural way of life, definitely influences what you sing about and what you write about.

NWTF: Tell me about your first turkey hunt.

EC: Man, it wasn’t anything fancy at all. There were some turkeys out where I hunted deer, and I am no great turkey caller, I don’t have much experience with that. So I basically just stalked a turkey and shot him with a shotgun. It wasn’t pretty, though, I can promise you that.

NWTF: Since then, have you picked up and perfected any calls?

EC: Not really [laughter], I’ll let the professionals do that.

NWTF: Since you have your first bird from Tennessee and now your Osceola, I assume you need a Merriam’s and Rio turkey for your Grand Slam? And, will you pursue a Slam?

EC: That is right, I need the other two. And, absolutely, I’d love to get a Slam.

NWTF: Early morning in the recording studio or early morning in a tree stand or turkey woods?

EC: Tree stand

NWTF: You can hunt turkeys anywhere but only take one person. Who are you taking with you?

EC: I would probably take my uncle Rick.

NWTF: What is your preferred recipe for cooking wild turkey?

EC: I love fried wild turkey; I love everything fried!

NWTF: I know you enjoy hunting, but tell us about any upcoming music projects you are working on.

EC: We have a brand new single called “Girl Like You” that I am really excited about. We also are working with some new producers Ashley Gorley and Wade Kirby and working on a new project to hopefully, by fall, have a new album out.

For more information about Easton Corbin, visit www.eastoncorbin.com.

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