3 Tips to Enjoy the Turkey Woods as You Age

In your younger years you were full of spit and vinegar and were beyond ambitious to walk and call, walk and call, walk and call… but if your beard has turned gray while chasing longbeards, these adjustments may make the difference.

1. Sleep in

A brief night of sleep can take its toll throughout the day when you’re expected to be awake and social, here’s how to make the most of your existence:

  • Hit the woods later, birds don’t disappear after first light
  • You can still participate in pre-dawn outings, just not as many
  • Grab sleep when you can, partake in afternoon naps and early bedtimes
  • Conserve energy to keep yourself conditioned for the demands of a hunt

2. Walk less

If mountainsides make you tired by just looking at them, it’s time to profit from the land you do make it to:

  • Take your time and be safe, climb slow and take necessary breathers
  • Use your experience to identify the areas you’ve seen birds before
  • Intelligently position yourself at each location, considering your surroundings
  • Settle in and stay camouflaged
  • Appreciate the total experience turkey hunting offers, nature is beautiful

3. Give back to younger generations

Use your skills, expertise and age to help others benefit from your experiences:

  • Take responsibility to introduce new people to the turkey hunting experience
  • Show the way to anyone who might be interested in the tradition
  • Embrace your senior moment when you call in the first tom for a new hunter

Age is pride, keep on, keepin’ on.

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