Safety Tips for Fall Turkey Hunters

With the air cool and crisp, and the color of leaves changing to brilliant reds, oranges and yellows, autumn is a great time to be outdoors. But just like in the spring, safety is always a top priority when hunting.

The fall season demands a few special precautions:

  • If both hens and gobblers are legal to harvest in your state during the fall season, don't let the decision to harvest a bird cloud your judgement when it comes time to pull the trigger. Always make sure your target is a wild turkey and not a fellow hunter or other animal.
  • Scattering the birds by running toward them and yelling is a common fall tactic, but never run with a loaded gun.
  • Just like in the spring, never wear the colors red, white or blue where they can be seen. Use total camouflage and sit against a large tree or rock wide enough and tall enough to shield you from hunters approaching from behind.
  • If another hunter approaches your setup, call out in a loud, clear voice. Make sure your presence is acknowledged before you move. Never wave to alert another hunter of your presence.

Remember, deer and fall turkey seasons may be open at the same time in some areas. In many states, hunter orange must be worn when deer hunting and some states also require it for fall turkey hunting. Whether required or not, wearing safety colors is a good idea when moving through the woods from one location to another in the fall. At first glance, hunter orange may be confused with the red color of a gobbler’s head, so as always, be sure to identify your target before shooting.

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