How to Hunt Fall Turkeys without Ruining Your Deer Season

There’s no doubt fall is a busy time of year. While some individuals prep for the holidays, hunters enter the woods in search of an opportunity to punch their tag, for both turkeys and deer.

Tony Caggiano, owner of World Slam Adventures, a hunting travel agency specializing in turkey hunts, reveals five tips to hunt both species without ruining your chances of success for the other. 

1. Scout from inconspicuous areas
"I get to know the patterns of deer and turkeys by watching them from afar. Glassing from the road or using trail cameras is a good way to get to know your targets and keep from stomping around in the woods.”

2. Prepare
“Consider the strengths of both species when you enter the woods. When you go out turkey hunting, dress like you would to deer hunt.”

3. Stay off deer highways
“Avoid major game trails when walking through the woods. Keep scent away from those high-traffic areas to minimize disturbances.”

4. Give the woods some space
“Give deer stands a wide berth and call turkeys hundreds of yards away from your stands. Keeping your distance and sitting downwind of your deer trails will prevent you from spooking deer.”

5. Use hunting blinds
“Put a pop-up blind on a field edge to hunt for turkeys or deer. You’ll be out of sight and blinds help keep the scent down.”

Hunting deer and turkeys during the same season can be a blessing and a curse. Caggiano, however, encourages being open to the mixed-bag option. “If you target deer, then go for deer, but if your seasons overlap and a good opportunity presents itself, take it.”

Whatever your strategy, Caggiano says the best advice he can offer is to keep a low profile, which will give you a better chance at harvesting two species this fall season. 

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