Five exercises to boost your hunting endurance

What happens when you are in the wild and need to walk for long distances in order to get your prey, or find help after getting lost?

Endurance will be the key to surviving if you find yourself in trouble. Your survival chances drop dramatically without built-in stamina. In national parks alone, 160 people die each year. Don’t be part of the statistics.

Here are five simple exercises you can regularly do in order to enhance your endurance levels to prepare for the toughest of turkey hunts:

Walking Briskly

For haters of exercise, walking briskly is a great way to enhance your body’s stamina without going to the gym. You can do it on a treadmill, your local walking track or along neighborhood roads.

This low-impact form of exercise offers you one of the easiest chances to improve your fitness levels. Based on multiple research findings, walking briskly supports joint health, improves circulation and boosts body endurance. All these benefits will make it easier to walk long distances should the need arise.


Like walking, swimming is a low-impact exercise that does minimal harm to your body. Studies show that swimming enhances cardiorespiratory fitness, and the buoyancy of the water is a great medium for exercise if you have previous injuries. And let’s not forget that knowing how to swim well could save your life. The key is to swim several laps at a speed that keeps your heart rate up for as long as possible.


When is the last time you used a bicycle?

Cycling is a wonderful way of getting around. You can incorporate cycling while sightseeing or going to work. And while you are getting around on two wheels, you will improve your joint mobility, cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, endurance and flexibility, among other things. This kind of overall fitness and endurance will boost your survival chances tremendously if you get lost in the wild — and at the very least, you won’t be drop-dead tired after hauling out a behemoth gobbler.

Rope Jumping

Rope jumping is often seen as a fun past time for just kids, but this fun exercise is one of the best ways for you to improve your fitness levels. Benefits of rope jumping include increased muscle endurance, improved coordination, balance agility and rhythm, and enhancement of cardiovascular health.  Also, rope jumping is a very low-cost exercise that can be done at home.


If you want to incorporate some serious movement into your workout, consider dance as a fun form of exercise that will improve fitness levels and impress your significant other at the same time.

Dance is a good way of exercising because it is so much fun. Some of the benefits of this method of artistic expression include improved heart and lung health, improved muscle strength and enhanced body endurance levels.

Join your local community center or download dance videos from YouTube and get started. Mix things up by opting for multiple dance forms like swing dancing, tap dancing, contra dances, etc. And if you do a dance workout in your snake boots, you’ll earn bonus points from your hunting buddies.

Remember, by taking care of your fitness and improving your endurance levels, you can ensure that you are able to survive in the wild if you ever are lost or injured.

— Ellie Matama

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