Gobble Up a Tom

Most turkey calls are designed to produce a variety of hen sounds. These calls are used especially during spring when lovesick toms are actively seeking hens to breed. Try a new approach and use a gobble call and you might just find yourself having even more success than before.

When gobble calls work best during:

  • Early Season because toms are still busy establishing dominance and may leave their swagger to look for a fight. When toms are competing for boss status, they do not take kindly to strange gobbles in their midst
  • Late Season because most of the breeding is over with and toms gobble to find each other and join up.

During the early spring gobbling at toms often overrides their urge to breed and brings them in when simple hen talk will not.

Try using these gobble calls

Shaker Tubes:

  • Gobbler from Primos
  • Gauntlet by Quaker Boy
  • Twister from H.S. Strut

Mouth-Operated Calls:

  • Haint from Down-N-Dirty Outdoors
  • Hale Fire from Knight & Hale
  • Thunder Gobble Call from Flextone

*Remember Safety: Use your head and be aware of what’s going on. When you are in a place where you might encounter other hunters, a gobble call may not be the one to use.

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