Gobble Map


EDGEFIELD, S.C. – This spring, Powderhook and the NWTF unveiled a tool that allows hunters to monitor turkey activity and sightings in their neck of the woods and across the country.

“Powderhook and the NWTF are working hard to provide some of the most reliable and relevant information to the modern hunter,” said Eric Dinger, Powderhook co-founder and CEO. “Hunters already can view public land property boundaries in their area through Powderhook, and now by using the NWTF Gobble Map, they can research and provide information about turkey activity in their local area.”

A heat map shows where turkeys are at their gobbling peak, and hunters participate by recording their own sightings and the gobbling behavior they hear. Don’t worry about giving up the location of your honey hole, either. The interface provides anonymity and location buffering. 

“Hunters play the biggest role in conservation efforts across this country through purchasing licenses, firearms and ammunition,” said Doug Saunders, NWTF executive vice president of marketing and development. “These days, a hunter may only have limited time to prepare for and plan a hunt. We want to ensure they have the greatest opportunity for an enjoyable time in the woods, so they continue to carry on our hunting heritage.”

This resource is available through the Google Play and Apple app stores. ALPS Outdoorz, Yamaha, Federal Premium Ammunition and Nationwide also are partners in the Gobble Map project.

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