Gear Review: Guide Gear’s Country Pursuit Snake Boots

If you hunt or spend much time outdoors, snake boots become a necessity. I hunt spring and fall and spend every other moment outdoors on my farm. Guide Gear’s Country Pursuit Snake Boots’ 16-inch waterproof model fits the bill for all of the above applications and more. Out of the box, I knew the boots were well made. They feature a side zipper for quick entry and removal, and they come in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country so they blend no matter your surroundings.

Sportsman’s Guide’s website asks, “What good are boots that protect against snake bites if they are uncomfortable?” Their answer is correct: “They’re no good at all.” 

Boots that “bite” back are no good for outdoors enthusiasts. They end up at the back of our closets. Guide Gear’s redesigned “pinch-free fit” is supposed to make these boots comfortable, and I got to put that statement to the test.

Right out of the box, these boots were comfortable, but the question remained: “Would that comfort last?”

The Country Pursuit Snake Boots feature an OrthoLite insole and Guide Dry waterproof and breathable technology using a moisture-wicking mesh lining to keep your feet comfortable, hour after hour, day after day.

While old boots may have used heft to keep you protected, Guide Gear’s boots provide the protection in a tough, yet lightweight, design, even for us ladies.

I’ve tested these boots in our “Southern winter” conditions, meaning walking the woods while still fighting mosquitoes in January, and they are comfortable enough that I didn’t want to change boots mid-excursion.

Although most Southern hunters aren’t dealing with tons of snow, we do have rain and mud, and these boots have kept my feet dry no matter where I trudged. And because they are not insulated, my feet didn’t end up sweating through my socks either.

The rubber toe and heel guards come in handy when you are a little rough on your boots, and the aggressive rubber outsole made for sure footing no matter the terrain or conditions.

Although they do not come in women’s styling, these 16-inch boots fit perfectly. Besides, they only weigh 33 ounces so it doesn’t feel like you are plodding in your grandpa’s old army boots either.

With only a few weeks under their belt, the boots still look new and only have a few scars from the never-ending briar patches on the back 40. As for their protection level, I fortunately have not had the opportunity to check that box. While our snakes are still moving on warmer days, apparently, and thankfully, the rattlers are waiting on consistently warmer weather to show themselves.

All in all, this pair of Guide Gear Country Pursuit Snake Boots have earned their place in the front of my boot closet, and I’m looking forward to trekking across the country in them this spring in pursuit of wild turkeys.

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