Hunting- one more reason moms are special

Although my mom does not hunt, I have been fortunate to receive advice from many veteran mom hunters, either directly or indirectly over the years. So, what makes a mom an ideal hunting partner or mentor? The reasons are as diverse and plentiful as the moms themselves.

One of the first reasons moms make such great hunting partners and mentors is that they will freely share their experiences. They know the struggles of being a woman in a predominately-male world, and you just know their advice is golden. Besides, that advice comes as a suggestion, not as a law that has been laid down. They appreciate how different we all are, and they respect those differences.

Secondly, there is no girls’ club to join to gain the knowledge they possess. They are truly excited about having other females join the ranks as hunters and will not only share knowledge, they will also share their favorite gear, just to get you in the field.

Hunting, like everyday life around a mom, will find them watching out for you, as well. They somehow anticipate your next move and guide you to making a wise choice whether it is a shot choice or whether to pack an extra jacket.

Moms are supportive, but they will let you fail a little before they help pick you back up and redirect your attention. It’s an important step in learning to hunt on your own. Having a mentor, particularly a mom in your ranks, helps ease what turns out is sometimes pain in learning the game.

They are always ready for a new adventure, even when they really don’t have the time or energy. If you want to go, they will find a way to take you. And, they will likely share their most honored hunting spots with you.

Moms are patient teachers and are understanding even when you make a mess of a hunt. They will let you drone on and on about why you think something didn’t work but will slowly lead you back to your mistake, without making you feel bad about making it in the first place.

They are good listeners, whether listening for a distant gobble or letting you pour your heart out over a life problem. Besides, sometimes, it is just easier to ask a mom a question to which you probably already know the answer.

When moms lead, they do so mostly with their heart, so you know they will never lead you astray. Whether down an unfamiliar path on the side of a dark mountain or navigating life’s curveballs, moms are there, ready to take you by the hand and lead you back into the light.

Mothers see the world just a little differently than others, and that is a good thing when you are learning to hunt. But mostly, you know they will always be your biggest fan, successful or not.

So, if you get a chance to hunt with a mom, relax. It’s going to be a great experience, and you never know what kind of snacks she may have packed, just for you

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