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Pound sign, number sign, hashtag. What are all these signs about? They look the same, but serve very different functions. What does all this have to do with turkey hunting? Oh so much.

Let’s learn a little about technology and an application that will help you document your hunting adventures and help promote hunting to your followers.

The number sign (#) designates numbers. When used as a pound sign, the symbol represents pounds — a unit of weight. In recent years, the symbol has gained popularity as a hashtag. It’s used in various social network circles such as: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. Hashtags are a way to organize social data. For example, if I use the hashtag “#NWTF” on an image I post on Instagram, and then click on that hashtag, it will bring up other images public users have posted with that same hashtag. Pretty cool way to share and compare, right?

Instagram is a free photo and video-sharing application you can download on most smart phones and tablets through the app store. Once you create an account, most users enjoy the variety of filters and effects you can apply to your square-shaped photos on Instagram. You can also share your photos from Instagram directly to other social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr.

Instagram is used by a huge base of hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Are you looking for a new pair of hiking boots and want customer reviews on specific brands? Simply search for the hashtag of that brand on Instagram, and you will come up with a multitude of images with information about each photo. Many hunting brands even have Instagram accounts you can follow for gear updates and promotions. Often, companies will share user-tagged images. This garners more exposure for those hoping to get noticed in the outdoor industry.

This platform makes it easy to share photos and keep up with other hunters. Tag your photos with specific and appropriate hashtags and search for others with the same. You might make new hunting friends, see a new area to check out, or simply view some incredible images. You can tag friends, other hunters, or even places in your Instagram images.

In 2013, my husband Chad and I had turkey tags in Oregon. He and one of his friends, Justin, had tags in Idaho, as well. We decided to document our turkey hunting adventures with Instagram. You can see how well the season played out through our Instagram posts!

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