Turkey Season May be Over, but June is Great Outdoors Month

Breaking ties with the spring turkey season can be a hard reality. The crisp mornings in the woods filled with audible gobbles and endless adventure seem so short-lasting. Turkey season’s fleeting nature is much like the holiday season, and for us at the NWTF, it very much is a holiday season. However, June is officially National Great Outdoors Month, and, instead of sulking until the next spring turkey season, the month with the most daylight provides boundless opportunities for experiencing the great outdoors, many of which simultaneously benefit conservation efforts too. Here are some NWTF staff favorites:


Now that turkey season is waning and deer and other big game seasons are waxing, it’s never too early to start scouting and preparing. And for new and veteran bowhunters alike, this includes becoming more proficient with an arrow. Picture-perfect shot placement doesn’t come overnight nor without practice. Moreover, archery is a fairly accessible sport that, with the right supervision, is something the whole family can partake in and enjoy. Even better, buying bows and arrows contributes to Pittman-Robertson conservation funding. 


There aren’t many sportsmen and women who like turkey hunting but don’t enjoy fishing, even if it’s only every once in a while. Like archery, fishing is a fairly accessible sport to enjoy while we wait for turkey season 2022. Another great aspect of fishing is the various permutations through which it can be done: spinning rod on a boat for crappy, baitcaster from a kayak for redfish, wading with a fly rod for trout or bits and pieces of each. Interested in something new? Tenkara fly fishing has been gaining a lot of popularity. It’s a fly rod but without a reel. Originating in Japan a long time ago, this simplistic type of fishing might be exactly what you’re looking for this summer. Click here for more about Tenkara fly fishing. Similar to archery, purchasing a fishing license through your state natural resource agency is an easy, tractable way to benefit conservation efforts in your state.


While many of us are used to hiking long distances chasing game, hiking to reach a sequestered waterfall or vista can be equally rewarding. Moreover, paying the entry fee to a state park, national park, forest, monuments or various other natural areas often benefit that area and the wildlife that inhabit it.

Outdoor Cooking/BBQs

Many hobbies often have a decent upstart cost, but outdoor cooking is a great way to recreate outdoors that is pretty low-cost and fairly accessible, for novice cooks and grill masters alike. If you’re willing to try something new, there are an array of items with prices from low to high. Portable pizza ovens, smokers, firepits, charcoal grills – there are countless ways to enjoy a good meal outside, and it is a great excuse to spend time with family and friends. Whether it is the wild turkey you harvested this most recent turkey season, venison from last year to make room for forthcoming backstraps or simply your family’s favorite meal, there aren’t many other things that elicit good times outdoors like a meal cooked outside.

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