It's my NWTF: Larry Stcynske

Volunteers are the backbone of this organization. They are what keeps us moving forward. And Larry Stcynske is one of the best. Larry is a longtime member and volunteer for the NWTF. His dedication to the NWTF is unprecedented and is a standard for all of us to compare to.

“He is a great guy,” said Tom Glines, NWTF regional director for Minnesota. “He spends a lot of time volunteering for the NWTF. Larry serves at the local and state level. He is also passionate about kids. He tirelessly works to help others and donates calls to youth through the Northwest Sports Show.”

Larry is on the Minnesota state board of directors. In this position, he strives to keep things moving forward at the state level. He also is the state’s shooting sports chairperson. Shooting sports are a passion of his, and he hopes to help others get involved with the sport as well.

He is even a founding member and past president of 10 years for the North Metro Longbeards Chapter. His leadership has put them in the top 10 chapters in Minnesota. Their banquet has been a Golden Gobbler event for many years in a row.

There isn’t much this guy hasn’t done for the organization. He and his family have donated a lot of time to the NWTF’s mission. That’s something that doesn’t go unnoticed.

The dedication our volunteers have is something Dave Mahlke, senior vice president of operations and volunteer relations, is very encouraged and motivated by.

“While the overall goals of the Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative are aggressive in national scope, we’re confident of achieving those goals just as the NWTF has always achieved success — through the passion and efforts of our grassroots volunteers on the local and state levels,” Mahlke said. “The NWTF is on track and well on its way to meeting its goals. The future looks bright, and the way is clear to continue what is already started.”

That’s largely in part due to the likes of Larry Stcynske. But he doesn’t only volunteer his time. He volunteers his resources as well.

“He is currently a Diamond Life member,” said Glines. “His wife, Patti, and son, Jeff, are too. He is working his daughter, Shari, toward becoming a Diamond Life member as well. He spends a lot of time and money helping the NWTF.”

“I believe in the NWTF and what it stands for,” he said. “I believe in everything the organization does. That’s why I volunteer my time. That’s why I am an upper-level member.”

The more support we get from our volunteers, the more we can accomplish. More money can be raised. More land can be enhanced or conserved. More hunters can be recruited. We must continue to strive forward. It’s volunteers like Larry that are helping to lead the way.

“I am going to continue with the state board and local chapter,” Larry said. “Everything I can do in the state, I will. Wherever the NWTF needs me, I will go. Whatever they need from me, I will do.”

Larry lives and runs his own business in Minnesota. He enjoys spending time hunting and fishing in the great outdoors and  is an avid wing shooter. Pheasant hunting is a hobby of his, but turkey hunting lies at the top right alongside it. He has shot the World Slam for turkeys — an accomplishment achieved by few turkey hunters.

Trap and skeet are two of his favorite pastimes, Larry enjoys sharing them  with others.

The NWTF is truly a special organization. And its volunteers are even more incredible. Those who give freely of their time to advance this organization are invaluable to say the least. It’s the hope of the NWTF that every volunteer, like Larry Stcynske, know they are appreciated. It’s the hope of the NWTF that these heroes of conservation understand that they are the backbone and what makes this organization the best.

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