Life’s Too Short to Hunt Gobblers Uncomfortably

Have you ever heard someone say “life is too short to drink bad coffee?” I feel the same sentiment applies to the turkey woods. After sitting in Guide Gear’s Magnum Turkey chair, I realized life is too short to be uncomfortable while hunting gobblers. 

I am what one would call a fidgety turkey hunter. The cushion on my turkey vest is decent, but, being 6’3, I can never seem to get comfortable up against a tree. Instead, I sit there uncomfortably, fidgeting here and there, trying to keep the noise down from rustling in the leaves and avoiding ant piles. Despite being uncomfortable, it’s still fun; it is turkey hunting after all.

Guide Gear’s Magnum Turkey Chair, however, has me excited to be more at ease while calling gobblers this coming spring. Because turkey hunting often requires locating a bird and trekking through the woods, I never considered bringing a chair, making sure to avoid bringing nonessential gear, but little did I know that Guide Gear’s Magnum Turkey Chair was an essential.

It’s lightweight and compact nature coupled with the easy-to-carry tote makes bringing this chair hunting a walk in the park (or in this case, the woods).

The overarching factor for whether a chair is worth buying or not, in my opinion, is whether it is comfortable or not, and this one is but has some additional great details.

The chair’s 600-denier fabric is emblazoned with Mossy Oak Obsession camo, and the frame is made out of sturdy steel, making this chair durable for year-after-year use and helping you blend in with the spring turkey woods.

Another great feature are the pivoting feet. Rarely am I hunting a bird on completely level terrain. The simple articulation of the feet accommodates with varying contours of the ground to keep you stable and comfortable.     

To top it off, the padded armrests provide comfort while sitting and great grip for getting up.

A lot of times, we spend good money on our turkey vests making us determined to get every penny out of them, but if you’re like me, no matter the brand or design of the vest, the cushion does not suffice. This spring I’ll be calling gobblers and sippin’ quality coffee in comfort from Guide Gear’s Turkey Magnum chair, because life is too short to drink bad coffee and hunt gobblers uncomfortably.

MSRP: $49.99

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