Mentored Hunts Matter

The future of our hunting heritage lies in the palm of our youth’s hands. It takes teaching to get it there. It takes nurturing to keep it there.

There will always be men, women and children looking to learn about the outdoors. Mentored programs help bridge that gap for folks who don’t know where to start.

Some states offer programs to help a novice hunter team with an experienced one. These programs, like the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries’ Hunting Heritage Program, has had great success in connecting and facilitating relationships between mentors and apprentices.

Growing hunters is a process that must be nurtured and taken seriously which is why only dedicated volunteers are needed.

Mentorship programs result in:

  • Connections with potential to turn into life-long friendships
  • Mutually beneficial interactions for both parties
  • Chances to unplug and enjoy the natural world
  • Opportunities to learn hunting skills, strategy and tactics
  • Safer and more responsible hunters

You don’t need a specific program to mentor an interested party, ask around your neighborhood and join forces with someone looking to advance their knowledge and skills on hunting.

The outdoors is a treasured tradition. Passing on that tradition is imperative if we are to keep our hunting heritage alive. Introduce someone new to the outdoors. Get someone re-involved. Take someone hunting. Our way of life depends on it.

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