Mix it Up with Multipacks

Adding variety to your turkey calling heats up the action on any hunt. Successful hunters often credit the ability to produce a variety of sounds as a key to filling tags. Various tones and pitches appeal to different turkeys. Sounds that spark one bird to gobble might do nothing for another nearby turkey. So during any hunt, blowing more than one mouth call will often result in more chances for a shot.

Further, all diaphragm calls are crafted for a specific purpose. Various elements used in a mouth call’s design — such as three reeds versus two or thin latex versus thick — affect the call’s intended purpose. This means you also need a variety of calls to communicate the different sounds in a turkey’s language, such as crisp yelps, fast cutting or soft kee-kees.

To achieve variety in your calling, you need to experiment with many calls to see what works best. Fortunately, most mouth call manufacturers offer multi-call variety packs, making it quick and easy for you to buy several designs at once. And because you are buying multiple calls in one package, it’s typically less expensive than buying a handful of individually packaged calls.

Call manufacturers usually have a theme in mind when compiling their mixes of calls. For example, Hunter’s Specialties’ Ultimate Starter Pack includes three of the company’s easiest-to-blow calls: the Premium Flex Double D, Raspy Old Hen and E-Z Rasp calls.

Flextone Game Calls’ The Mob 3 Pack includes all three calls from its Untouchables Series: the Hustler, Gangster and Mobster.

Primos’ Hook Hunter 2 Pak includes two calls that have hook (spur)-inspired names and specialized cuts in the top reed: the 2-inch Hooks with Ghost Cut and Sharp Hooks with Spike Cut.

Zink’s Pro Pak includes signature series calls designed by its pro-staff members. This advanced variety includes Matt Morrett’s Snake-Tongue Cut, Josh Grossenbacher’s Combo Cut and Hunter Wallis’ V-Cut calls.

Other manufacturer’s offer variety packs based on the types of sound they produce, such as M.A.D.’s High Frequency Tri-Pack, which features the Venom, Shipp Wreck 2 and Hyper Hen calls: All three are designed to exceed 15,000 hertz for better long-distance calling.

Quaker Boy’s Raspy Pro Pack features the Checkmate, Cutter Magnum and Jagged Edge calls. This trio delivers a spectrum of rasp from medium through very heavy.

Variety packs provide a purposeful mix of calls. Read the product descriptions on the package to know what each call in the pack is designed for. When you use each call for its intended purpose, you will be a better caller and enjoy more hunting success.

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