Mossy Oak pattern history

It’s been around for decades, dating back to military clothing in the early half of the twentieth century. Somewhere along the way, a clever hunter wore some camo hunting and a passion was born. While some hunters really do not care which camo they shrug on, many are passionate about which camo they wear. A certain brand. A certain pattern and nothing else will do. Most of us fall somewhere in between.

For the NWTF, it is Mossy Oak Obsession.

In 2015, Mossy Oak became the official camo of the NWTF and soon launched the updated Obsession. They have included NWTF logo in the actual pattern. Under our partnership, a percentage of all sales comes back to the NWTF to support our Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative.

Mossy Oak has been in the camo business since the mid-1980s and has introduced different versions, and specific camos depending on hunting pursuits. They have made some improvements along the way to some of their patterns, but some are the same as when introduced. The newest Obsession made its appearance on retail shelves earlier this year.

In the beginning, it was Bottomland – first pattern introduced in 1986. The original Mossy Oak Bottomland has not been changed since its introduction but has been used as background for several of the early patterns.

Take a stroll through Mossy Oak’s camo pattern history and tell us what your favorite is and why.


1986 – Bottomland                

1987 – Green Leaf                 

1989 – Original Treestand

1990 – Full Foliage

1993 – Fall Foliage

1995 – Break-Up and Shadow Grass

1997 – Shadow Branch and Shadow Leaf                

2000 – Forest Floor                

2002 – New Break-Up

2003 – New Shadow Grass

2004 – Obsession

2005 – Brush              

2007 – Duck Blind                

2008 – Treestand                   

2010 – Break-Up Infinity

2013 – Shadow Grass Blades            

2015 – Break-Up Country                 

2016 – Obsession NWTF and Mountain Country                 

2017 – Elements Agua and Eclipse               

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