Vest-Worthy New Calls for 2015

Hunters love to try new calls, consider these options and they might become front pocket material.

Duel Game Calls 

  • The HB III Series ($99.99): offered in three premium calling surfaces (Legacy Glass, Tough Country Slate, Precious Metal)
  • The Double Trouble Series ($99.99): offered in two calling surfaces (ocean slate on one side and smoked borosilicate pure crystals on the other)

Flextone Game Calls  

  • Thunder Spit-N-Drum ($15.99): a specialized air-operated, hand-held call that can be heard up to 100 yards away and

Hunter’s Specialties  

  • Limb Shaker Calling Kit ($29.99): contains a pre-sanded pot call and an owl hooter

Knight & Hale  

  • Scarlet Fever ($42.99): a select walnut wood pot providing sweet acoustics


  • The Bamboozled Box Call ($25.95): authentic bamboo and select hardwood to create perfect yelps
  • The Bamboozled Glass Pot Call ($24.95): the density of the bamboo wood creates extremely loud, crisp yelps

Quaker Boy Game Calls  

  • The Teacher ($14.99): a mouth call system that includes an instructional DVD, the Half Mood Double and the Half Moon Nasty Old Hen
  • The Full Tilt Glass call ($25.99): the wedge-shaped pot and the internal sound board combine to provide a variety of tones and volume

M.A.D. Calls 

  • NWTF Grand National (GN) Series: includes a GN Matt Van Cise Mouth Call ($8) and the GN Series Billy Yargus Cut ($8)
  • The Hammer ($24.99): with a one-piece construction, machined in the U.S. of native poplar and topped with walnut lid

Woodhaven Custom Calls 

  • Stinger Pro Series including the new Black Wasp ($15.99): a blend of custom latex and reeds produces superb sounds
  • The Single Wing ($11.99): a three-reed Batwing cut with special gray latex on top and two clear bottom reeds
  • The Carbon Crystal Turkey Call Kit ($199.99): includes a surface-saver lid, conditioning stone and pads and three strikers that provide a large variety of sound options
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