New for ’22: Nomad’s Bull Lounger Turkey Vest

Just in time for the 2022 spring turkey season, Nomad’s Bull Lounger Turkey Vest is here to provide you with as much comfort as it does functionality. This new offering from Nomad is feature-packed and is sure to be a staple in the brand’s turkey collection going forward. 

Overall impression: This turkey vest is equally built for runnin’ and gunnin’ as it is for maxin’ and relaxin’.

Right out the box, you can tell this vest was purposefully crafted by people who love turkey hunting and want to optimize their time spent chasing birds. 

It might not look like it with its low-profile design, but the vest has 23 pockets placed throughout, some for general use, some specialized. The ultra-soft lining inside the pot call pockets is especially welcoming. Have a custom call but worried about getting it scratched up? The Bull Lounger has you covered, literally. The slim pocket for strikers sits conveniently below.  

The uppermost pockets on both the left and right side are the perfect size for diaphragm calls. Made out of breathable mesh, the pockets provide airflow, allowing your mouth calls to dry faster (and preventing them from mimicking our morning breath). These pockets could each fit more mouth calls than one would need, but the elastic opening of the pocket will keep one mouth call just as snug. 

The specialized Thermacell pocket has two closing lengths, one to close the pocket fully, the other to allow your Thermacell to work its magic while snug and secure. This allows for less time dealing with mosquitoes and more time focused on the hunt.

Both sides of the vest also feature deep zippered pockets in the front and additional pockets on the inside. The game pouch could easily fit two wild turkeys in it and features additional pockets. To put it simple, the Bull Lounger has enough room to carry everything. 

The vest’s easy-to-use seat system, made of lightweight aluminum, features dial adjustments at the bottom to angle the frame to your liking. Can’t find a good tree to lean up against? The adjustable frame and magnetized seat cushion will have you lounging and looking down the gun barrel in less than 30 seconds. 

Not to mention, the back and seat cushion are well-padded. I’ve used turkey vests where the “seat” felt the same as sitting on the ground. The Bull Lounger’s seat isn’t just for looks. 

Usually for a turkey vest, you either get maximum comfort or a low-profile design, no in-between.  The Bull Lounger vest does both. From the adjustable straps, to the padding, to the stitching, you can tell Nomad didn’t skimp on materials.

The vest extends the meaning of lounging to the outdoors, making the turkey woods as comfortable as it can get without bringing out the recliner. All this comfort and purposeful design adorned with a stylish Nomad logo on the left shoulder strap, what’s not to love? 

With an MSRP of $250, you’ll pay for the quality in design and comfort.

Available in Mossy Oak Bottomland and Mossy Oak Shadow Leaf. 

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