New Year’s Resolutions for Turkey Hunters

Losing a few pounds, exercising more, being more financially responsible — there are many New Year’s resolutions that we often hear at the flip of one year to the next. While you’re working to be the best you that you can be, you should also consider working on being the best turkey hunter you can be. Here are some New Year’s resolutions for the turkey hunter trying to up their game this spring.

Practice Calling Year Round

There’s nothing quite like calling a gobbler from across the woods into range, but chances are, you’ve probably done the opposite at least a time or two before. Whether you’re using a diaphragm, box or pot call, brushing up on those skills so you can use the right call at the right time will undoubtedly make you a better turkey hunter. Practice year round. No matter how good you are, there’s always room to improve when it comes to calling. Even winners of the NWTF Grand National Calling Championships are always honing their skills. Check out the NWTF’s Learn to Hunt playlist that is full of calling tips and other useful turkey hunting information. Need to refresh your memory on all the sounds a wild turkey makes? Visit our wild turkey sounds page.

Pattern Ahead of Season  

Did Santa bring you a new turkey gun, turkey loads or some new chokes for Christmas? Patterning your turkey gun ahead of season will put you one step closer to tagging a gobbler this spring. Spend time at the range to make sure your shotgun, choke and turkey ammunition can consistently put pellets in the vital area of a practice target at 30-40 yards. When opening day arrives, you’ll be ready to hit the woods.

Hunt New Spots

It’s easy to go to the same spot year after year; however, scouting and hunting land that’s new to you gives you more options in the spring. If you’re hunting public land, go deeper into the woods or try a new WMA, even if it’s a little bit longer of a drive. Using apps like Huntstand can greatly optimize how you hunt a specific parcel. Don’t rule out trying to hunt private property either. Check out our article on tips for asking for permission to hunt private land.


Turkeys leave signs behind them nearly everywhere they go. If you can get a grasp on where turkeys are roosting and how they are using their habitat, you’ll increase the odds of having one cross your path this spring. Ahead of the spring 2022 season, make an extra effort to preseason scout.

Mentor Someone

We saved the most important turkey hunting New Year’s resolution for last. Have you ever introduced someone to the passion and thrill of turkey hunting? If you haven’t in a while or never have been a mentor before, this is one of the greatest things you can do as a turkey hunter. By mentoring someone, you’re helping preserve our hunting heritage and aiding the conservation of the wild turkey. Whether its turkey, deer, waterfowl or upland hunting, we challenge you to get someone new afield in 2022. Click here for tips on mentoring new hunters.

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