onX Hunt delivers new features specifically for turkey hunters

I’ve been using the onX Hunt app for several years and have found the technology very useful even on familiar land. Each year, onX Hunt maps add new layers and features, and this year onX worked with the NWTF to add the NWTF turkey records layer. OnX went further with its upgrades and added the ability to share waypoints as well.

The NWTF turkey records layer adds the ability to see data from the NWTF wild turkey records database, which has more than 30 years’ worth of data. The layer is a free national layer and can be found under the “hunt” category. Whether plans include hunting one state or across the country for a fall gobbler, this is a game changer for turkey hunters tracking those gobbler hot spots.

Once you have the layer turned on, you can choose what data you want to see, such as overall bird score, five-year average score, weight, beard length and spur length. If you are out to complete your Grand Slam, onX Hunt has you covered with an NWTF records layer that contains subspecies information.

After the layer is turned on and customized, just tap the map to see NWTF records for the area, as well as landowner information and property lines. OnX’s ability to show land boundary information for public and private lands is invaluable if you set out on unfamiliar public land hunts, and, with the new tracker feature, finding your way back through a thicket has never been easier. OnX has three base maps to choose from: aerial, topo or hybrid

Being able to save maps for use offline may save you deep into the hunt when cell reception drops. You can also do some preliminary mapping at home, www.onxmaps.com/web, and print unlimited maps for use in the field or as a backup plan.

With the new feature of being able to share waypoints, your directions will no longer need to include “turn right at the big oak tree.” You can share base camp locations with hunting partners, as well as any prime hunting locations you are feeling generous about. These waypoints can be shared via email, text or any other method, and the receiver will receive a link that automatically drops the waypoint onto their map.

Sharing hunt camps and favorite hunting spots with hunting buddies is cool, if you’re into that kind of thing, but the safety aspect of being able to share your exact location with your family may be the coolest. Not sure about how your hunts unfold, but as soon as I’m sure which area I’m going to hunt, something changes and I end up hunting somewhere different. Now, I can share my exact location with those I love, just in case

Not already an onX Hunt member? No worries. You can try onX Hunt out for free on a seven-day trial. Once you’re hooked, a Premium, one-state membership is only $29.99 for an entire year. Going Elite will get you access to all 50 states for just $99.99 per year. That’s less than the cost of one latte a week. For a limited time, NWTF members get an additional 20 percent off all premium and elite memberships, and a portion of every sale goes back to support NWTF conservation efforts.. If you’re not already an NWTF member, sign up today at NWTF.org.

With fall hunt season in full swing, now is the time to join the onX Hunt community. Once you’re all set up, don’t forget to share your best hunting spots with me via waypoints.

– Susan Delk

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