Plan B Turkey Hunts

With experience, most turkey hunters will realize how important it is to adapt to unexpected circumstances as they occur.

At times, a quick change of location is warranted. Other times, a Plan B – or C for that matter – is simply an adjustment in tactics needed to deal with something that happens during a hunt.

These four scenarios may have you resorting to your Plan B:

  1. Interference from other hunters- it helps to have another place to go to that day
  2. You accidentally bump a tom- stay put for a while, and then move and call from a different spot
  3. Hens intercept the tom you’re working- If the hens are vocal, duplicate the sounds you hear. A boss hen might come to you looking for a fight and bring the tom with her.
  4. A predator, such as a bobcat or coyote, suddenly appears between a tom and you- stay put and give him time to relax

Turkey hunting is a pastime full of surprises. Serious turkey hunters learn to adjust their tactics according to the curve balls turkeys throw. Ultimately, a hunter with a Plan B will succeed more often than one who does not.

For the full article, read the May/June 2015 issue of Turkey Country

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