Pointer Wingshooting

Pointer Wingshooting is a leading Argentina dove-hunting outfitter and a proud partner of the NWTF. 

The dedicated Pointer Wingshooting staff loves what they do, and it is evident with each review from appreciative guests.

  • "It’s a 'Must' to go hunt with these guys," said Andy Mitchell of Dallas, Texas.
  • "Dove hunting in Cordoba is a blast. Going with Pablo and his team makes it even more fantastic," said Art Brickey, also from Dallas. "The staff, the food and the accommodations all are first class. You will have the time of your life!"

For stories about our hunts, please visit http://www.pointerwingshooting.com/testimonials.php

To watch videos of our amazing hunting adventures, please visit http://www.pointerwingshooting.com/video-listados.php

U S Representative: 

Wayne Graham



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