Setting Up Your Turkey Gun

Today’s specialized turkey shotguns make sighting them in more important than ever. Here’s how to maximize your gun’s efficiency so you bring your bird down everytime.

Sight Options

Every hi-tech sight introduced into the market has one goal, to achieve more accurate shot placement. Each of the sight options below may be suitable for your setup.

  • Reflex sights
  • Red dot sights
  • Open sights or a fiber-optic bead
  • Ghost rings
  • Fixed, 1x telescopic sights or scopes

Make sure your preferred sight allows you to keep your cheek firmly on the comb of the shotgun. Many misses in today's turkey woods are the result of hunters not being able to see the full target, forcing them to lift their head. This changes the point of aim. Stick with low-profile rails, plates and rings, and you’re more likely to maintain proper form. 

Range Time

Not all loads shoot the same in every gun. Buy at least three brands of quality turkey loads and test them with your choke tube and sight to find the perfect pattern. It’s a bit of an investment, but once dialed-in, your gun will shoot with stunning accuracy and your confidence will soar.

Remember to use a bench and recoil pad when you are at the range. The bench allows for a stable rest which improves accuracy and the pad allows you to shoot many loads without getting a sore shoulder.

Once you find the most efficient loads to match your gun’s choke and sight, you’re turkey gun will be ready to roll. Dedicate yourself to creating the perfect turkey gun, and you’ll be amazed at how far technology has allowed our great sport to advance. You’ll also  put more meat in the freezer.

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