SportEar Ghost Stryke

Already having a pair of passive SportEar hearing protection earplugs, I was excited to try the digital SportEar Ghost Stryke. SportEar manufactures its products in the U.S. and advertises hearing enhancement as well as hearing protection simultaneously. In short, the Ghost Stryke earplugs did not disappoint.

My first use of them was on a scouting trip across 700 acres. Although the land is somewhat familiar to me, I was hoping to find spots for new deer stands and places to catch ol’ tom next spring.

After a short hike, I stopped to check a small area where there had been deer sign. With my back against a tree, I popped in the Ghost Stryke ear buds to see if the enhancement feature could pick up any indistinct movement in the woods.

Each ear bud has independent volume controls to customize the hearing enhancement experience. The Ghost Stryke digitally amplifies sound up to six times and suppresses loud sounds over 85dB.

Being a female hunter, my ear canals are smaller than the average guy and sometimes that makes it hard to get over-the-counter hearing protection that is comfortable and stays securely in place. Luckily, the Ghost Stryke comes with a variety of tip options that made the fit comfortable and kept the plugs in place with activity.

The ability to adjust the volume of each independently is a great touch. The Ghost Stryke uses binaural sound, which allows you to hear what you might have missed and determine the direction from which the sound came, which was just what I needed on this trip.

Although I never ran up on those whitetails, the Ghost Stryke did allow me to narrow down their direction of travel, resulting in a couple of awesome new stand spots. And the kicker was, I not only found a few spots to try for my spring turkey hunts, I also heard distant scratching and faint clucks. I slowly eased my way in the direction of the sounds and sure enough, a hen and some poults were out feeding on some nutgrass just south of where I had been perched.  

With my scouting complete, I also tested the Ghost Stryke buds at the NWTF’s Palmetto Shooting Complex. I was photographing a shooting class but also needed to talk with folks as they came by. With the Ghost Stryke, I was able to hear conversational voices without having to remove the buds while protecting my hearing from the intermittent gun blasts.

My only issue with the Ghost Stryke was the volume control wheels. They are situated on the outer portion of the bud, which made in-ear volume adjustments challenging. Once you get the volume to a comfortable level, though, there is not much need to make adjustments.

The Ghost Stryke buds come with everything you need to get started. They include four extra 10a Zinc Air batteries so you won’t be left with dead batteries just when you need them the most. They also come with two pairs of triple-flanged silicone tips (small and large), two pairs of Comfort Foam tips (small and large), two tulip tips, Securefit Extenders, cleaning brush, protective carrying case and a user manual. A one-year manufacturer warranty is included.

SportEar’s Ghost Stryke ear buds are perfect for hunting, shooting sports, sporting events, industrial noises, workshops, concerts and other loud environments. They even improved my hearing ability when in a crowd with multiple background noises. I can’t wait to try them in the turkey woods come Spring.

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