3 Killer Spring Decoy Setups

Not sure when to use the decoys you have? With the help from Montana Decoy Co. we bring you three decoy set-ups, corresponding to the phases of the breeding season, to help you take down a turkey this spring season.

1. Pre-breeding decoy set-up

Use these decoys: Punk Jake, Spring Fling, Dinner Belle x2

How they work: Subordinate birds may have been roughed up by a tom already, but they will see your jake decoy as a chance to redeem themselves

The decoy arrangement: 

  • Position a jake decoy over a belly-down hen decoy (Spring Fling) to imitate breeding
  • Add a few feeding hen decoys to trigger a response from a longbeard wanting to join the party
  • Never use more than one jake decoy. In a fight, multiple jakes are no match for even the toughest of toms.

2. Peak-breeding decoy set-up

Use these decoys: Dinner Belle

How they work: During midseason, toms are strutting alone and looking for hens. Meanwhile, hens will feed in the morning before heading to the nest in the afternoon, leaving the gobblers lonely until he sees your decoy.

The decoy arrangement:

  • When a tom hears your calls and sees nothing, that’s a recipe to make him hang up. Set up the Dinner Belle in an area that offers maximum visibility
  • Call loudly to attract distant gobblers but tmake sure to adjust volume as they get closer
  • Set up your decoy within 20 yards, so if he does hang up, he will still be in range

3. Post-breeding decoy set-up

Use these decoys: Dinner Belle x3

How they work: For toms looking for love, the sight of several hens means better odds one is receptive to breeding. And if you are trying to attract a boss hen with a gobbler on her tail, more hens will challenge her dominance.

The decoy arrangement:

  • In areas where hunting pressure is high, use as many hens as possible to increase a tom’s confidence
  • When a tom is approaching you spread, make a few soft clucks and purrs while the decoys do their job
  • Keep your eyes peeled, longbeards can slip in quietly this time of the year

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