Staff Favorites: Spring 2020 Turkey Gear

Our staff decided to share some of their favorite turkey hunting products for Spring 2020. Check it out!

Matt Stewart – Turkey Country Editor

Avian-X HDR Hen:
If it’s anything like the HDR Jake (and it is), the Avian-X HDR Hen should pull in reticent gobblers on a string. String not provided; hen should be enough.

Federal TSS .410 loads:
Combine these with a Savage 301 .410 bore or a Mossberg SA-410 and let the TSS eat. The perfect turkey load for mentoring youth hunters, too. 

TETRA AmpPods:
Incredible hearing enhancement technology — developed by audiology professionals, no less — for the hunter who struggles to hear distant gobbles. Quality outdoor hearing devices like TETRA’s AmpPods aren’t for everybody, but they likely can help add a few more years to a hunter’s time afield.

Pete Muller – PR Manager

ALPS Outdoorz Contender X:
Turkey hunting with a good backpack beats a turkey vest any day of the week; change my mind. While you lose the seat, you gain storage, and it’s more comfortable on your shoulders for all-day hunts far off the beaten path. Plus, it’s hard to double the use of a turkey vest for other hunting pursuits. That isn’t the case at all for backpacks.

Stevens 301 Turkey XP:
You are telling me I can have the 40-yard pattern of a 12-gauge shotgun out of a .410? Yes, please. This gun will be fun for both me and my kids who are just now getting into turkey hunting. The only difference between this and Stevens’ initial 301 model is the mounted and bore-sighted Tasco red dot scope.

Thermacell MR300:
Not new for 2020 by any means, but turkey hunting without protection from skeeters is like hanging out on the beach all day with no sunscreen — you are going to regret it. Make sure to tote a Thermacell, and keep the bugs at bay.

David Gladkowski – Staff Writer

Treager Timberline Pro Series 575 Pellet Grill:
Consider a couple resolutions this turkey season: Kill more turkeys and cook them better. A dried-out turkey is worse than no turkey at all. Smokers can be expensive, but Trager’s 575 pellet grill is the cheapest in the Timberline series. It will fit the heftiest gobbler no problem and will cook your harvest better than the nicest gas grill on the market.

YETI Tundra 65:
Some people don’t understand the YETI cooler craze, and its more than likely because they have never used one, on a boat, in the woods or anywhere. YETI’s 65 Tundra is the most versatile size cooler, easily fitting all the turkeys you are allowed in a season while still being maneuverable enough to lug around.

NOMAD NWTF Loose Gaiter Mossy Oak Obsession:
Conceal your face from those keen-sighted gobblers this spring while sporting the logo of the best conservation organization on the planet.

Gabby Bates - Digital Media Specialist

Game Winner Turkey Chair:
A turkey lounger is my favorite item to take turkey hunting. It's compact and light, making it easy to carry to the turkey woods. It sits low to the ground, puts you in a good position to have your gun ready for gobblers that make a silent entrance and offers a great back rest if you are setting up where a tree isn't available.

Primos Cotton turkey gloves:
My favorite item to wear when turkey hunting is an old pair of cotton camo-patterned gloves that have the tips of the thumb, pointer and middle fingers cut off. The cotton provides warmth for those chilly mornings, and the open finger tips allow me to use my turkey calls with ease and also operate any other turkey gear unhindered.

Camo Netting:
I can't go turkey hunting without a role of camouflage netting. The netting I use was pulled off an old deer stand, but I’ve used it for various turkey hunting situations. I have thrown it over me and used it to hide my hands and turkey calls. I have also made small blinds with it. The netting is easy to roll up and place in your vest and comes in handy when you have to hunt in open areas.

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