Drinking Straw Turkey Call

According to NWTF National Director of Hunting Heritage Programs Mandy Harling, this activity is a favorite among kids and school groups who visit the Wild Turkey Center in Edgefield, S.C.

You’ll need (for each call):

• one yard of leather lace, yarn or string

• four plastic pony beads

• a cocktail straw or plastic drinking straw, cut to 6 inches

• one turkey feather

• scissors

Let the fun begin!

1. On one end of the yarn, tie a big, chubby knot. Slide two beads onto the yarn, and then tie a chubby knot at the other end. The knots should be big enough so the beads cannot slide off the yarn.

2. Split the beads apart; pinch the middle of the yarn and hold it up. The yarn will be folded in half, with one bead on each end.

3. Slide two beads on the top of the yarn— both sides of yarn go into the bead. Slide the two top beads down to the other beads.

4. Slide the top bead up a few inches, creating a gap between two pieces of the yarn.

5. Place the straw between the two pieces of yarn and slide the top bead back down to pinch the straw in place. Tie a knot on top of the very top bead to hold the straw in place.

6. Slide the shaft of a feather through the top two beads to decorate and help hold the straw in place.

7. Start calling! Place one end of the straw on the inner edge of your lips, halfway between the front of your lips and the corner of your mouth. Cup your hands over the end of the call to create a kind of echo chamber for the sound. Lightly pinch the straw between your lips and suck on the straw in little, short breaths.

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