Summer 2019's field ready gear

Super X4 NWTF Cantilever Turkey
The Super X4 NWTF® Cantilever Turkey shotgun features Mossy Oak® Obsession® camouflage and a Weaver-style cantilever rail design that makes mounting an optic sight quick and easy. The hard chrome-plated chamber and bore, a 24” barrel with back-bored technology and a synthetic stock with improved ergonomics, a more round pistol grip with a textured gripping surface make this a sure-fire turkey gun. The Invector-Plus extra-full Turkey extended choke tube provides a tight pattern and has a knurled front band, making it easier to install or remove. It also features an Inflex Techonology recoil pad, length of pull spacers, an ambidextrous crossbolt safety, synthetic stock with improved ergonomics, a more round pistol grip and textured gripping surfaces. 
MSRP:  $1,069.99

Zink Calls Wicked Series
The Wicked Series Pot is the only custom pot call on the market constructed from impregnated wood. This process blends acrylic into the Brazilian cherry pan to pack incredible sound quality inside a completely weatherproof design that won’t warp or swell. Flip the call over to benefit from the built-in sweet spot — a second calling surface designed specifically for super soft, close-range calls. Also on the back, the integrated striker conditioner simplifies fine-tuning your striker in the field. The no-slip grip rounds out the features for a dependable hold with or without gloves. Includes one-piece flared striker, conditioning pad and instructional DVD. 
MSRP: $79.99

Avian-X HDR Jake
The HDR Jake is sized slightly smaller than a real turkey to prevent it from looking intimidating to an approaching tom but is blow-molded in a quarter-strut posture and bristling subdominant feathers to signal he’s content, but ready to fight, which will trigger aggression in a nearby gobbler. You can increase the attitude of this ultra-realistic decoy with the head design that features a curled, aggressive posture or dial it back with a head design that is more submissive. Both heads are included with the HDR Jake.
The rubber molding of the HDR Jake is super durable to withstand the wear and tear of carrying it in and out of the field as well as repeat beat downs from aggressive gobblers looking to maintain the pecking order. Pair the HDR Jake with an Avian-X hen for the ideal realistic setup that will have jealous strutters marching right into gun range every time.
MSRP: $149.99

Cabela's Tactical Tat'r 2 Turkey Vest
Every pocket has a purpose. Every seam is stitched with a single goal in mind — a tactical advantage. Tom’s getting more intelligent every season. It’s up to you to outsmart him. With the Tactical Tat’r Vest, you’ll have access to all your gear, you’ll always be prepared, and you can make that long stand anywhere in the woods. Go ahead, make that call; the Tactical Tat’r has your back. Available at Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s.
MSRP: $99.99

Irish Setter VaprTrek Snake Boots
VaprTrek snake boots from Irish Setter protect wild turkey hunters so they can go all day. These rugged, high-performance 17-inch snake boots feature waterproof leather, Cushin Comfort tongue technology to reduce pressure on shins, Armatec abrasion resistant covering, and RPM composite material in the sole to reduce weight. Available in Mossy Oak and Realtree camo patterns.
MSRP: $214.99

Flextone Ol’ Faithful Box Call
The Ol' Faithful Box call is handcrafted from exotic eucalyptus in a two-sided design to produce an extremely high front end with exceptional backside rasp and superior volume. It's the ideal call for sharp, loud cutting sounds to fire up gobblers – especially over long distances. Use it whether you're locating or runnin' and gunnin' to easily reproduce the raspy low end of an old, yelping hen. The Ol' Faithful Box achieves in-your-face volume in a compact size that won't add unnecessary bulk to your turkey pack. Every call is hand-tuned before going into the package, because we know you won't accept anything less than perfection.
MSRP: $29.99

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