Take hunt camp to the woods this year

What do you call it when you get together with your friends for a weekend, or maybe even a week, of hunting? Many would call this “hunt camp,” despite the fact that most aren’t actually camping at all.

Have we lost touch with portions of our true hunting roots? Maybe we simply choose a hotel, lodge or our own residence instead of the outdoors as our “base camp” purely out of convenience. No matter the reason, here are incentives for taking hunt camp back to the woods.


There are countless studies that have shown time spent outdoors is great for both mental and physical health. It can help you increase your intake of vitamin-D, function at a higher level, and it also is a stress reliever. For us turkey hunters who spend countless mornings dealing with stubborn or tight-beaked gobblers, we need lower stress levels. If you are “roughing it,” chances are you’ll get a chance to enjoy the unplugged life, which studies show can lead to a better night’s sleep.


Maybe it is just me, but even the most simplistic meals taste better when cooked outside. The kiss of the flame on meats or veggies cooked on an open fire adds a smokiness you just can’t get cooking in the kitchen. If you prefer a more traditional kitchen layout, you can throw a skillet or Dutch oven on a dual-burner stove to cook up your camp meals, instead of using a warm bed of coals. Check out these recipes if you need inspiration for cooking up your freshly killed turkey.


Outside of the upfront cost to purchase equipment, camping is relatively cheap in contrast to spending a few nights in a hotel or lodge. State parks and local campgrounds may offer sites for little more than $15 a night, and they can offer amenities like bathrooms with running water, flush toilets and showers. If you are so inclined, you may be able to find free primitive camping on public lands. Check regulations to ensure you have all necessary permits.


Camping doesn’t have to be a truly primitive endeavor unless you want it to be. Modern tents are spacious with some offering multiple rooms and screened in “front porches.” Add a cot and a pad to your sleeping setup, and you’ll feel right at home. Outfit your campsite with an accompanying table, chairs and kitchen setup, and you will be camping in style and comfort.

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