Taxidermy of Convention

If you are looking to add a full-body turkey to your wall this spring, the first step after the harvest is deciding what pose or poses you like the most. While it might sound simple, it is no easy task thanks to the countless options offered by today’s taxidermists.

So in an effort to help you find some inspiration for the next addition to your wall, we hit the floor of the NWTF Convention and Sport Show looking for intriguing turkey mounts.

We found this standing mount in the Haw Creek Outfitters booth. This pose could work well for a bird that may have tail fan damage, but it also works for displaying your bird in places where space is limited.

While stopping by the NWTF’s seed booth, we saw this turkey mounted in a feeding pose. I don’t think I have seen many gobblers displayed this way, but it surely makes sense if the product you are pitching is a top food choice for hungry turkeys. It also works for showing off the length of a tom’s beard.

This walking smoke-phase Osceola mount sat on the front row at the NWTF Grand National Wild Turkey and White-Tailed Deer Taxidermy Competition. It is a sharp looking pose for more reasons than just the rarity of the color phase. You’ll need more room for a mount of this style, but the posture definitely gives off the vibes that this fella is fired up.

Gobbling mounts are probably one of my favorite poses, because they’ll have you hearing spring thunder in your head. They also work well for both pedestal and wall mounts. We found this one down in the Wessner’s Taxidermy booth on the show floor.

This roosting turkey is sitting in a ¾-strut pose, but he also looks as though he could be ready to pitch down or have potentially just landed on the limb. If your spring harvest has a rope like this bird we found in the NWTF Grand National Wild Turkey and White-Tailed Deer Competition, this could be a good option.

Despite the numerous variations on the show floor, I probably still prefer the strutting turkey pose. And from the number of turkey mounts we found in this pose on the show floor, I am probably not the only one. If seeing this Merriam’s turkey mount in the NWTF Grand National taxidermy competition doesn’t get you fired up for spring, I am not sure what will.

– Pete Muller

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