Tips for Taking a Child Turkey Hunting

Almost all children have three things in common: they are observant, inquisitive and, above all, love to have fun. Hunting can bring out all these traits and is a great way for you to spend quality time with your son, daughter or grandchild.

Making the hunt fun is probably the most important lesson to remember. If three hours in a blind doesn't seem to fit your child's personality, try 30 minutes in the blind and follow it with a hunt for mushrooms or a search for crawly critters underneath a log.

Always keep in mind that you are on your child's schedule. Hunting is a great way to pass on the hunting heritage to our children. Be patient, hunt safely and the child in your life will be begging to return to the woods with you real soon. Be sure to utilize both the fall and spring turkey hunting seasons!

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when taking your child hunting:

  • Make hunting a casual adventure rather than a forced march through rough terrain.

  • Give a child his or her own turkey call.

  • Teach the child how to call, then let them call in the woods (do this where it won't interfere with or spook birds you plan to hunt later).

  • Teach a child how to blow an owl hooter call and explain why it is used.

  • Take a child to scout or roost birds in the evenings.

  • Let a child locate a gobbler with an owl call. It's awesome for them to actually communicate with a gobbler.

  • Teach a child what turkey signs looks like. Teach them the difference between gobbler and hen tracks.

  • Watch tasteful turkey hunting videos together, and discuss any questions or concerns the child may have.

  • When it's time to actually go hunting, make sure the child is dressed comfortably.

  • When setting up on a gobbler, place the child either in your lap or let them sit between your legs. This allows the adult to control the gun and whisper instructions with minimal movement.

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