Top 5 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Turkey Hunting Addicts

For those of us who truly are afflicted with the turkey hunting bug, we long to see strutters and hear gobbles during all months of the year.

Spring seasons close, and we all deal with the lull that spans for what seems like an eternity. And, those lucky enough to hunt a fall turkey season only enjoy a short spell of relief waiting for next year’s opening day.

So, if you are like us and turn to social media for photos and videos to keep from going into turkey hunting withdrawal, make sure to check out and follow these five Instagram accounts.

@Official_NWTF – Of course, we are proud of our account. We have your bases covered with loads of high-quality turkey photos, short videos from the field and coverage of mission-related work.

@WildTurkeyReport – Followed by more than 36,000, this is one of the stronger turkey-only pages on Instagram. A majority of the nearly 650 posts are images from the field or memes, but you will find a few scattered video throughout.

@OlTomTurkey – The turkey-apparel wing of Drake Waterfowl, no pun intended, provides followers a steady dose of high-quality turkey content. Though, users will certainly notice photos of fishing, as well as deer and waterfowl hunting.

@MossyOakTurkeyThugs – The official page for the Turkey Thugs – a series that salutes the soldiers who’ve been wounded while keeping our nation free. It may not have been updated in a while, but you will find nearly 100 posts of some of the most stunning turkey photography available.

@JohnHafnerPhoto – Okay, this one might be a bit of a stretch because there are piles of non-turkey related content. But that being said, we all know a majority of turkey hunters also hunt other species. And if this collection of wildlife photography does not do it for you, I am not sure what will.

Want to potentially see your photos on the @Official_NWTF Instagram account? Submit them to with the subject line “Turkey Photos.”

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