How to Travel for Turkeys

Traveling for turkey hunting is becoming a rite of spring for an increasing number of hunters. Adventuring across the country, and farther, for turkeys will give you the opportunity to see beautiful country, make new friends and learn how to hunt places you’ve never seen before.

If you need help getting started these how-to tips will work in your favor:

  • Strategize where you want to hunt, pick new states and areas to go to
  • Map it out: get a large-scale road map of the area you plan to hunt and do your research. Many states also have a conservation atlas, which lists public areas, boat launches and campgrounds on public lands in that state. Any map will help you prevent trespass violations.
  • Employ networks using Internet websites to gather inside information. Sometimes chat groups not aimed at turkey hunters can provide excellent info about the land.
  • Use the experts: wildlife agencies in every state staff experts who know the public hunting areas, start by talking to the state turkey biologist (have your maps and notebook handy) Ask for recommendations, and input.
  • Use the locals: If you get the chance to visit the area before turkey season, meet the locals and ask their opinions about the best places to hunt, many of them may have decades of experience in the local woods. Or try knocking on doors and ask for permission to hunt.

Successful traveling turkey hunting is made up of a lot of factors: research, planning, developing, contacts and exploration. It takes some time in the off-season, but the results are new places to explore and new turkeys to hunt.

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