Trumpetin’ and Tubin’ with Mark Prudhomme and Harold Knight 

Want to up your chances of calling in that boss gobbler? Considering running a trumpet or tube call this spring. 

Legendary turkey hunters and callers Mark Prudhomme and Harold Knight gave a presentation to a room full of turkey hunting enthusiasts at NWTF’s 46th annual Convention and Sport Show, highlighting the versatility and effectiveness of running a trumpet and tube call..

Prudhomme, winner of more Grand National Calling Championship titles than any other competitive caller, brings just as much lifelikeness into the spring woods as he does to the competitive calling stage. 

The presentation began with Prudhomme showcasing why a trumpet call is in a class of its own. The acclaimed caller admitted that using a trumpet call isn’t the easiest, but if you put in the practice and effort, it can revolutionize the way you call in birds. 

Being able to switch tones, one high and one low, trumpet calls can make it seem like multiple hens are in the vicinity, something other calls don’t as easily achieve. 

Trumpet calls are also particularly good for making soft, light yelps. Less is more with the trumpet call, Prudhomme emphasized. You don’t want to call more than you have to. And, like a diaphragm call, you can throw the sound from the trumpet to better coax that gobbler. 

Prudhomme suggested using a short lanyard to hold the trumpet call, which creates very little movement between using the call and putting the bead on the bird. 

The decorated caller also reiterated that trumpet calls are an instrument, and how you hold the call, if you’re wearing gloves or not or how much air you decide to use all have an effect on the tonality.   

Knight kicked off the second half of the presentation highlighting where the tube call comes into play. 

Tube calls are great for louder and more aggressive calls, which makes them great locator calls.

Likewise, tube calls are particularly good at getting gobblers fired up, as they replicate a jake’s gobble especially well. 

Before heading back to the truck and throwing in the towel, the duo suggested using a loud and aggressive call from the tube as a Hail Mary, as it might just be the trick you needed.

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