The Best Turkey Calls for Duck Weather

Spring turkey hunters get caught up in a variety of weather conditions. As long as the weather isn’t awful, there is probably a tom out there receptive to calling. However, there is a big difference between a steady drizzle and a downpour. When your calls aren’t penetrating through rain and only travel four feet, it may be smart to wait for conditions to improve. And when they do, you’ll want these rain-made turkey calls in your vest.

1. What: Diaphragms and other air-operated calls

    Why: These calls are impervious to moisture

2. What: Box calls with waterproof coatings, instead of chalk

    Why: Even with a little dampness, chalk paddles become inoperable. The paddles and sidewalls are coated with a waterproof material, making them sound good wet or dry.


  • Web Box by Primos
  • Magnum Strutter by Flextone
  • Waterproof Wizard by Penn’s Woods
  • Hurricane Supreme by Quaker Boy
  • Sweet Lil Liar and Wet Willy by Knight & Hale

3. What: Pot and peg calls coupled with carbon, acrylic or wood strikers with waterproof tips

    Why: These strikers doubled with an aluminum sounding board will be loud and true, even with moisture in the air

Note that taking any wooden boxes into soggy conditions brings a potential for warping. Don’t be afraid to draw the line when conditions are ridiculous. Circumstances may not be ideal, but if they are tolerable, it’s good to have a variety of calls on hand.

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