Trophy Decor

Turkey Country reader Joe Sebo Jr. suggested these two $10 projects to display your turkey trophies with style or create a gift for a favorite turkey hunter in your life.

Turkey Feather Wreath

Items needed:

  • 18-inch diameter straw wreath
  • Decorative ribbon of your choice
  • 18 tail feathers from your harvested gobbler

Cut the quills from the turkey with a sharp knife or scissors, and then cut the quill to a point. The sharp point makes it easier to insert the feather into the wreath frame.

Photo Frame Beard Display

Items needed:

  • 4-by-6-inch plastic photo frame
  • 7- by-9-inch wooden plaque
  • Wood stain and lacquer
  • Small screw-in hooks and eyelets
  • Brass from spent shotgun shells (any gauge)
  • Picture hook and hanger
  • Glue

After staining and lacquering the wood, screw in hooks spaced to hold the number of beards you’d like to display. Glue on the 4-by-6 frame. Remove the plastic from the shotgun shells so you’re left with just the brass. Never use a live shotgun shell; only spent shells. Apply a little glue to the inside, insert a beard into each piece of brass and let dry. Screw an eyelet into each shell’s primer and hang the beards on the hooks. Put your favorite hunting photo in the frame, and it’s ready to hang on a wall using a picture hanger.

Photo courtesy of Joe Sebo Jr.

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